Fire damage restoration and water damage restoration are two very different types of jobs, so it’s no surprise that they need to be approached by the responding restorers accordingly.

Now that’s not to say that the two types of jobs don’t also have similarities. For instance, in a residential setting, there’s the issue of containment, inspection to determine the scope of the work about to be done and treating with distraught homeowners and business owners with care and respect as they endure this difficult process. But here’s a look at some of the big differences between the two approaches:

Fire: When it comes to fire response, safety is crucial. One must first secure the property, then board it up so items can be packed and taken out of the affected site. This provides the opportunity for restoration professionals can clear the property of soot and smoke odors and thus begin the restoration process.

Water: Any area in the property holding excess standing must be the first to be treated by extraction whenever dealing with water/flood response. If water levels have dropped, then any personal/property items need to be removed from the affected area and drying equipment should be brought in. If water levels are high enough to be classified a Category 2 or 3, however, carpet and carpet padding integrity will be damaged and will most likely need to be removed and disposed of and any impacted drywall will also need to be cut out. Any carpet or drywall that’s come into contact with standing water for too long will have a receded foundation and potentially create mold.

With that being said, response and measures taken for fire and water are different. Despite their differences, both have one important thing in common – and that’s caring for the home or business owner’s journey throughout the process. Anytime disaster strikes someone’s property, the experience takes a toll on them financially and emotionally as well. At Anchor WDR, we ensure to facilitate the process every step of the way, and try to smooth out what is already a difficult ordeal. Anchor WDR professionals work hard to ensure that not all is lost from fire or water damages. Whether it’s fire or water, our technicians always take our client’s needs for restoration to get their lives back to normal